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Welcome to the Ask Us page where we give something back to community. Simply use the supplied form and ask any technical question. This can be code (java, ruby on rails, .net, php, javascript, even old coldfusion) and database related, various CMS (Rails, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint, Sitefinity, Sitecore), SEO/SEM, IT (linux, iOS, Windows, Android) or proposal/RFP verifications and inquiries.

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Previous questions/answers:

We are implementing a Bullhorn REST API to our website and are having difficulties with formatting dateAdded field in the JobOrder entity. We used all php date format functions, but still getting inconsistent display.

A: You need to divide the raw value by 1000 and then use the date function. Code:

$phpdate = $data->dateAdded/1000;
$mysqldate = date( ‘Y-m-d’, $phpdate );

If you need full code for JobOrder functionality, send us an email.


Could you please go over this RFP (sent to info@) and give us your opinion on highlighted topics.

A: Reviewed and emailed back. In short, you might offer a responsive site. Having a full-blown iOS app would not fit in the current budget.


I am currently running a WordPress site and considering adding an ecomm functionality. In your opinion what’s the best way to proceed?

A: It depends on the scope and business requirements of the project. You could simply add a WP plugin WooCommerce and customize it to your needs. This would satisfy your most basic needs. If you need a more robust system with more features, Magento would fit perfectly. However, the learning curve is a bit steep when it comes to high end customizing core functionality. You could also consider Drupal with Ubercart module, well-proven and simple implementation. I doubt you are looking for enterprise solutions, but if so, check out ElasticPath, a java-based ecomm platform.


My SEO company asked for over $5k to optimize our website for sarch engines, open GA account and some other accounts, research keywords and some other things. I paid less then that for my whole site! Is that too expensive??Can you do it for cheaper?

A: Not knowing specifics of their proposal, 5K is not that outrageous amount for that task. There are companies or individuals who can do it for much less  (or much more). Check the company’s portfolio and even talk to some of their clients to see if they saw any results and increased conversions. Please bare in mind, SEO is not a one-off job. More important task is to continuously monitor the website, research competitors, consider AdWords and suggest proper course of action. You need to accommodate constant changes in social media world, Google/Bing priority algorithms (we can only guess) and be able to change strategies as you go.



A: It depends of a project and available API from that API supplier. Ignoring those details, we prefer RESTful web APIs. It’s much easier to debug (use browser and POST addons), it does not follow any protocol and it uses standards/languages such as json, uri, http…Any programming language will do the job.


My Magento db grows uncontrollably.  Relatively simple site has over 2.2 gb datbase. I d appreciate your insight..

A: The most likely culprit is the log tables. Simply truncate all tables starting with log_.  Magento admin has scheduler to clear tables every x days. You can also safely truncate ‘aw_core_logger’, ‘dataflow_batch_export’, ‘dataflow_batch_import’, ‘report_event’. The best way is to set up a cron job which would do those tasks for you. If you need this script, send us a direct email.


Hi there, Imy company is doing a migration to switch to a new CMS. We want to put out an RFP but before doiong that need to do an audit to determine what gets migrated, which functionalities are transferable, how many content types, etc. Is this something MEtier can do? I’m not sure how much this type of work costs so we will need you to first provide an estimate. Do you charge for estimates?

A: This is called a technical discovery phase and it’s a standard part of any new middle-size to enterprise projects. We can definitely help. I would recommend first to meet to gather requirements and to get a high-level understanding of the task (no charge). Re generally estimates, we usually don’t charge for estimates unless there is a significant amount of work required to come to a quote, for which we will promptly notify a client.


What is the difference between responsive site and mobile friendly? i think they are the same but developed in a different way. can you explain

A: Very similar concepts for most folks, but in fact, completely different. Mobile friendly sites are typically developed on a singular design that works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Mobile friendly design looks the same on both platforms but it’s scaled down on mobile to looks presentable on mobile devices. On the other hand, responsive sites use various ways (css, js) to adjust html elements (images, text, buttons) to automatically fit on both platforms. The code auto adapts to the specific viewing device. Also, on responsive sites, content is easily accessed, no matter if we use a mouse or a touch screen. Sometimes the design appears different on a responsive site, such as multi-columns are converted to single column and similar.


I have a question about twitter feed – how much work is required to put this into a web site? Our site is html5. WE talked to some developers and their answers range from 1 hr to 5! Maybe you can provide some truth here 🙂

A: It should be much easier than that. Now you just need to log in to your twitter account and create a widget. Then copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website. More info here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170071-how-to-embed-a-timeline#


Where do I go for best pizza in Vancouver?

A: We typically ignore questions of this nature. However, we happen to have a couple of pizza connoisseurs here, so here are our fav spots: Via Tevere, Lombardo’s, Bibo, Pizzeria Farina. Via Tevere and Bibo are authentic Napoletana pizzas. Lombardo’s has a taste of Northern Italy and Farina is a hipster joint on the Main street with its own style of canadian/italian flavours.


Did you install a Ruby on Rails on Windows? If so, would you share your experience?

A: Yes. Please read our latest blog.